Thursday, May 12, 2011

bhutan logo

It was a recently launched logo by the tourism council of Bhutan (TCB) at the travel fair in Berlin on March 10 to a gathering of more than 50 travel journalists and high-end European tour operators.

A news release from TCB stated that creating a logo was mainly to enhance the uniqueness of the nation, its culture, tradition, environment, architecture and religion, together with the philosophy of gross national happiness, and merge them seamlessly into one.

It further stated the logo was made to grasp the essence of and experience Bhutan the moment they looked at it.

The logo was finalised after almost six months of intensive research and reaching out to hundreds of respondents, including tourism stakeholders for feedback on their impressions of Bhutan, TCB’s spokesperson Jamyang Choden said. “The task in brief was to create a logo identity for Bhutan tourism, with quintessential elements of Bhutan, which makes it instantly recognisable.”

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