Saturday, January 15, 2011

Product box design Order 3d

I can design any product box you would like, cd-Box, software box, vista box, cd in an envelope box, books, brochures, membership cards.. You name it. I can provide you with multiple angles from one product. And as a bonus i can throw in 2 more boxes from what you have ordered. Like a CD box with the same design or a book cover etc...

If you are going to purchase this solution then i will need the following information:

1. The colors i would have to use in the design
2. What do i have to write on the box and where (Naturally)
3. What box do you wish to obtain (Cd-box, Cd, Software box, Vista style software box, book cover hard, book cover soft, open book, spiral bounded book, magazine etc
4. What size should be the final rendered image (Max size: 4000x4000 pixel)

Order me azeembest(@)

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Moneeb Ahmed said...

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